The lone star ship was doing routine reconnaissance in the Arias sector, a far off portion of the as yet unexplored portion of the Jancow Nebula, so named after an Admiral of the last half of the twenty–third century over forty years ago, a one admiral Pete Jancow who had led three Battalions to victory over the extremely hostile Zant race who appeared humanoid in some respects, but differed in the extreme when it came to they’re toleration of other species. “Sir,” first officer Rich Jarves replied to his captain Riley Johnson, continuing, he said “We’ve not heard from Lt. Harlo since he landed on the planet’s surface some three hours ago.” “I will admit that it is extremely bizarre,” commented captain Johnson. The first officer said, we are orbiting the last class M planet of the Nebula, and I recommend forming a landing party consisting of me, yourself the doctor, and anyone that he may need, as well as a detachment of six well armed security personnel to assist us should we encounter anything or anyone unsavory.” After a long day of exploring they stumbled upon an archaic, fort in that far off jungle. “Man,” stated Rich Jarves, the mechanical engineer of the group, “If you eat it here, you’re in a world of hurt.” The encampment had long since been abandoned and was thick with indigenous shrubs and weeds of jungle teemed with growth reminiscent of the jungles back home. “Humans,” continued Rich. “Humans were at least inhabitants of this place at one time,” he said as he softly nudged a few skulls with his foot. This place reminded him of the jungles back home on the continent of Asia.

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I ran myself pretty ragged yesterday with all the festivities. I don’t sleep very well as it is, and I find myself falling asleep in class, lulled asleep by the computer.